Office Relocations

Office relocations form an integral part of our business.  Our aim is to have the minimum down time and have the office operational in the least possible time.

sTEP 1

A detailed assessment is done on site to identify equipment requirements and areas that may need special attention.

sTEP 2

A qualified moving consultant will attend pre-move meetings to help develop the moving schedules and procedures.

sTEP 3

We offer weekend and after hours service on requests.

sTEP 4

All modular workstations are dismantled and assembled.

sTEP 5

We supply labelling for all items to match your new floor plan.

sTEP 6

At the new premises furniture are placed according to the floor plan.

sTEP 7

We have site supervision at both buildings of origin and destination.

sTEP 8

All computer and electronic equipment are moved separately.


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